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Crossroads / Roadmap, ©  N.B. 2001
                      Roads traveled,
                      Not forgotten but gone!
                      For those yet ahead

           "Check the horizon...

            then follow the sun ! "




        The Journey, ©  N.B. 2004   
          Inspired by The End of The Trail
                                - James E. Fraser
            "The trail doesn’t ever end
             Life goes forth every turn and bend
             Take a rest, then walk along
             Better things are yet to come”


            Tides Are Turning, © N.B. 2004 
                        – Set of two –
    " The ride is the journey, the trail has NO end
        Alive at the start, Alive at each bend,
        No Regrets , No Boundaries,
        No Limits, No Fear …
        The rider of this horse will always be here !” 
    Left Mural
                    Pitt stop, © N.B. 2004 
           Inspired by The End of the Trail
                      -   James E. Fraser
                " Love The ride
                       Love the speed
                       Now we rest,
                       Its time to feed "
    Right Mural
                    Pitt start, © N.B. 2004 
                      " Love the freedom ,
                        Love the ride…
                        Rev it up and
                        Stay alive !”
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