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Enlightening, N.B. 1999


All my relatives...on this planet all are related, regardless of color, religion, or physical aspects
...All are one!
We come from Earth and go to Earth...
Walk in Peace and See the light!


Size: 0.80m/0.80m (32"/32") unframed
- Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame
Hear Me Brothers, N.B. 1998


"...Why don't you talk and go straight. And let all be well?"
Black Kettle - Cheyenne Chief
"...We can stop quarreling among ourselves and unite our energies for the common good".
Spotted Tail - Lakota Chief


Size: 0.75m/1.05m (30"/42") unframed
- Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame


Precious Heritage, N.B. 1998

"The Earth Does Not Belong To Us,
We Belong To The Earth"
- Chief Seattle
Size: 1.20m/0.90m (47"/35") unframed 
 - Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame
Point of Origin, N.B. 1998

Reminder of our beginning,
Dawn of civilization,
Heritage of human kind,
Teachers of our future
"Listen and treasure their wisdom"!
Size: 1.50m/0.92m (60"/37") unframed  
- Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame

"So it is Written...", N.B. 1998

Human Rights...
For All The Natives Of This World
For All The Children Of This Earth
For All The Women Of This Planet
So it is Written, So it Shall Be Done!
Size: 0.90m/1.90m (35"/75") unframed  
- Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame
Peace, N.B. 2000  
Peace to be me
Peace to connect
Peace to be free
Peace to be at peace
Peace to just BE
Size: 0.60m/0.45m or 24/18
add 0.20m/0.20m or 8/8 for frame