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Believe, © N.B. 1999
   Walk tall as the trees
Live strong as the mountains
Be gentle as the spring rains
Keep the warmth of the summer sun..
 in your heart...
and the Great Spirit will always be with you.
(American Indian prayer)
Size: 1.50m/0.65m (59"/26") unframed
- Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame
Imagine, © N.B. 1995
Imagine a place such as this,
where native birds roam free in eternal sanctuary.
Size: 1.83m/1.22m (73"/49") unframed
   - Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame


In the Beginning, © N.B. 1995
How old is this magnificent rock standing in the center of the desert?
No one knows its secrets.
What could he tell about times past?
He will still stand and watch when we are gone...
Size: 0.60m/0.92m (24"/37") unframed
   - Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame


 Les Fleurs, © N.B. 1995
Flower fields forever.
Created mainly with Napa cow hide,
using a variety of brown, white, purple and red tones.
Size: 0.90m/0.41m (36"/16") unframed
   - Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame


Memories Of The West, © N.B. 1996


Just let nature take over and it will create
the most enchanting garden.
Inspired by the endless plains of Western Australian wildflowers.
To set up the real garden would most certainly have taken much less time, than trying to persuade “Leather” to become “Flowers”.    
Size: 1.22m/0.92m (49"/37") unframed
- Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame
Morning Dew, © N.B.1998
Can you see the young green tree,
He spreads his arms towards the sky,
and tells the world:
“Look, this is I!”
Size: 0.33m/0.26m (13"/10") unframed
- Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame
Night in the High Country, © N.B.1998


Open skies under a full moon,
warmth near friends and glowing fire,
rewards of a day in the High Country.        
Size: 1.10m/0.74m (44"/30") unframed
- Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame
Red Road, © N.B. 1999
(A Tribute to Native Peoples)
Yesterday the last thing you saw was the setting sun and you have cried in your sleep for a road soaked in blood.
Dawn broke the dream with another red sky, but this time it was streaked with gold!
A new day is coming! 
Size: 0.45m/0.58m (18"/23") unframed
       - Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame            
Silent Presence, © N.B. 1996
"I have lived a long time.
Many souls have come and gone.
But I knew that one day you would be here... seeking the wisdom of my silent presence".
Size: 0.80m/1.20m (32"/48") unframed
   - Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame

Uluru, © N.B.1996
The wide Australian sky lends a majestic aura to
the awesome sight of the world’s largest monolith.
Orange Napa was used as one of the numerous colors that make up Uluru,
with masses of blue suede for the soft blue sky.
Size: 1.22m/0.84m (49"/33") unframed
  - Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame

Ozone, © N.B. 1995
Breathe in the fresh, clean mountain air as you look at “Ozone”.
Feel the crisp winter morning .....
hear the clear water flowing from the source ..... see the white snow on the mountain tops .....
Size: 1.83m/1.22m (73"/49") unframed
 - Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame
The Source, © N.B. 1996
Hidden somewhere is the source of life...
Several months elapsed endeavoring to perfect the flow of the waterfall...
 To give it a voice...
so that the observer could see and perhaps listen to the cool, clear water rushing through the lush, dense foliage.
Size: 0.61m/0.92m (24"/37") unframed
   - Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame