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Forever, © N.B. 1999
The circle of life has no beginning... no end,
Earth reborn
Water renewed
Skies re-shift
Fire rekindle...
The loop, reaches up and melts as one
Size: 0.80m/0.80m (32"/32") unframed
- Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") framed
From Here.. Beyond, © N.B. 2000
Space and time don’t matter now...
Be here as one, and know somehow...
Stay close and feel from Here... Beyond,
It won’t let go, can’t break the bond!
Size: 0.92m/070m or 37”/28”
add 0.20m/0.20m or 8”/8” for frame



Tender Dawn, © N.B. 2000
Anticipation filled the night,
a new day soon to come.
Dawn dispels the air of darkness
and sparks of gold sprinkle the sky.
The Earth breathes tenderness,
                “I love you” says the sun.              
Size: 0.62m/0.96m or 25”/38”
add 0.20m/0.20m or 8”/8” for frame