Leather Art Murals Original International National Hides Nappa Suede Vista Vistas Skylines Skyline Horses Animal Cowboy Animals Lightning Fire Wind Water Waterfall Peace Native Nativeamerican American Sail Sails Boat Earth Metallic Love Lovers Discovery Australia Ayers Rock Uluru Fins Feathers Abstract Mind Coral Reef Freedom Hoof Perception Impact West Country Heart Soul Origin People Peace Sydney Melbourne Germany

Murals made entirely out of tanned skins - Soft high quality leathers in Napa and Suede - no colors applied.

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World Renowned, Internationally Acclaimed Leather Art Murals Made From Non-Exotic Hides. Beautiful Majestic Vistas, Stunning Skylines and Abstract Art


' Naomi B. Leather Art' Naomi I. Benheim Copyright 1988 - 2000. All rights reserved.
No Reproduction of any kind or part thereof without the written permission of the artist.