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Coral Reef, ©  N.B. 1995
Sights to gasp without a sound,
colors merging alive and moving
...majestic kingdom of the Coral Reef.
Size: 0.80m/0.93m (32"/37") unframed
   - Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame



Duel, ©  N.B. 1998

The flexed chests clash in the sunset.
Each warrior secure in his supremacy.
The battle rages until they know...
This year HE will be the leader.
Size: 0.62m/0.45m (25"/18") unframed
- Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame


Freedom Trail, © N.B. 1997
Hoofs and hearts join in pounding cadence.
Speed dictated by exhilaration.
The trail is made of freedom.
Size: 0.45m/0.62m (25"/18") unframed
   - Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame


High flyers, © N.B. 1997
Flying so high and racing so fast
- Man and his horse as one.
The finish is near, it is almost won.
Size: 1.40m/0.60m (63"/31") unframed
   - Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame




Hoof Clash, © N.B. 1998

Colors against each other,
Hooves in competition Race,
twist and turn .....
The red to strike.....
The black to counter.
Size: 0.92m/0.60m (36"/24") unframed
  - Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame


         Pas De Deux, © N.B. 1998           


         Two hearts in beat as one,             
           One step in steps of two.       step.....     
                       then dance again.
Size: 0.47m/0.60m (19"/24") unframed
- Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame
Singing The Blues, © N.B. 1999
Songs of freedom, love and laughter................
Wild Birds don’t get the blues !
Size: 0.45m/0.58 (18"/23") unframed
- Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame
Take Off, © N.B. 1999
      Dare to ..... start the journey
                  ..... take the challenges and                  
                  ..... reap the rewards
 To soar to the greatest heights even the Eagle 
     .....needs to first stretch its wings
Size: 0.45m/0.58m (18"/23") unframed
- Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame


The Dancers, © N.B. 1999
 One aboriginal  ‘Dreamtime’ legend tells about a beautiful girl, who loved to dance more than anything in the world. She danced and danced until she turned into a Crane...  
Just as graceful and beautiful as she had been as a girl...    
and still loving to dance.
Size: 1.20m/0.70m (48"/28") unframed  
 - Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame
Wild Night, © N.B. 1997

The sky lashes out in darts of fire...
Fuel inside the stallions veins...
He rears to the challenge.
"The world is mine, I am her to stay!"
Size: 0.45m/0.62m (25"/18") unframed
- Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame


Calling Home, N.B. © 2000
Mystic journey through the night
The place within where souls will hide.
A hint of sunshine in its eyes...
The magic spell stirring the powers,
A ritual for moonlit hours.
A cry for home from deep within,
Is sourcing back, like webs we spin.
Size: 0.60m/0.45m or 24”/18”
add 0.20m/0.20m or 8’’/8’’ for frame