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Electric Melbourne, N.B. 1997
Electric darts energize the city,
Light sparkles through the veins of
Melbourne by night - Melbourne alive.
Size: 1.65m/1.20m (66"/48") unframed
   - Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame


Hot Sugar, N.B. 1996


Fire melts the stems so sweet,
The earth opens to the call of heat
The seed is planted for things to come
New sugar will rise under the sun.
Size: 0.70m/1.00m (28"/40") unframed
   - Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame
Heat, N.B. 1997


Red for Love - Sparkle for Joy - Heat for Eternity...
Such is the Fire of Life.
Size: 1.20m/0.40m (48"/16") unframed
   - Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame


Passion, N.B. 1995


Born during a lightning storm, the Artists feelings have been allowed to manifest in this mural.
Size: 0.91m/0.80m (36"/32") unframed
   - Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame

Sydney Magic, N.B. 1996
Bright sunny days become sparkling nights,
as the sky and sea meet in a magical celebration
over the worlds most breathtaking harbor.
Size: 1.20m/1.70m (48"/68") unframed
   - Add 0.20m/0.20m (8"/8") for frame


Universal City, N.B. 2000
...Remember the past,
Thrive for justice,
Keep on loving.... regardless,
Stop to reflect,
...and always reach for new heights
Size: 0.47m/0.62m or 19/25
add 0.20m/0.20m or 8/8 for frame