Well I had to be born some place, and in my case it happened to be Germany -
But what really made me the person I am, is a chronic and rather incurable wanderlust, meeting new people, learning new ways of life and cultural attachments.
Having lived in - and visited  too many countries to mention, I am perfectly happy and would welcome definition as: “Human, inhabitant of planet earth”
In my opinion the people who expose their true self's more then anyone are those working in the “arts” - ...and writers, visual artists and those involved in music, are the voices of the human soul.
Art is an emotional expression of a certain period in history and the legacies of artists are the story tellers of the times they lived in.
I am emotionally  passionate and  I try to convey the brilliance of a city with as much enthusiasm as a horse race, or voice my feelings about indigenous peoples with the same depth as a peaceful landscape.
I never sketch my work, so I have to transcend into the subject matter, and it is of no surprise to those close to me, if I am ‘absent” while I linger in a world of my own and  reinforce the journey by reading related books or listening to specific music.
A good example is a mural depicting fire. It was created in the middle of winter. At the time my studio wasn’t heated and when I started working, I was dressed in a thick jumper. After a short while, I started sweating and soon I was in a tank-top. My spiritual connection merged with the subject and outside influences no longer affected me.
I have been asked many times what inspired me to create this unique technique, and the answer is quite simple: I love leather, and I love to paint, and my art really is a merger of both, although I never use color ...
... So my " Paints " are the dyed skins available in the leather industry and my “paint brushes” are scalpels, scissors and tweezers...
I could probably go on and speak of inspiration, technique and motivation, but introductions are best kept short...
So , feel free to “call”
You can contact me on:
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I strongly support animal welfare and honor all that lives, therefore I will not work with ‘exotic’ skins of any type.
I do accept commission work for specific areas and there are no size restrictions.
Exhibitions of my work can be seen both Locally and Internationally. -
and at my own Studio/Gallery, Just let me know when you intend to drop by.


For pricing & updates of new work and/or exhibitions, feel free to contact me.